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Chinese, China and inventions

I came across the following and gladly saved it for ammunition against Chinese bashers.

Chinese did have a dark age from the Opium War (the Brits pushed opium as a nation) to Nixon's lifting up the embargo (a proof how a unified embargo can hurt a country). When the basic survival is food, shelter and basic medical delivery, of course they do not have time for inventions and other improvements for better life.

Uncle Deng should be given a Nobel prize for lifting millions from starving but one to Obama for doing nothing and one economist for theories that do not work. The Nobel prizes seemed to be given to enemies of China: a writer who gave up Chinese citizenship and Dali Lama. It indicates the stupidity of the Nobel Prize committee. If they give me one (a joke), I will throw it to the garbage (but I will keep the money) can as it is totally meaningless and too political. LOL.


I'm wondering what you mean by Invention. If you mean "completely new science" then very little today by any country is "invented" as everything is derived from something else. Does smart bullets today mean invention as the main propellant is still gunpowder? I also wonder if you are differentiating between what "China" has invented and what "Chinese" people have invented because they are two separate distinctions. For example:

*Steven Chu is Chinese but is American received a nobel prize in Cooling Atoms back in 1997.

*Dr. Charles K Kao who holds citizenship in Hong Kong, US and UK is generally considered the father of fiber optics. it was his work in the 1960's - 1970's. Another group of 3 men who a decade or so later commercialized it by solving material issues in manufacturing.

*An Wang - Chinese born american computer scientist in the 1950's. Most notably magnetic pulse transfer controlling device for computer memory and crucial to development of digital information technology. Also notable for the first desktop calculators and first word processors.

*Flossie Wong-Staal - Chinese American scientist and leader in AIDS research. Did the first mapping of HIV genes and helped discover the virus that causes AIDs and the virus for Cancer.

*David S. Lee - developed the first efficient daisywheel printer in 1969.

*Dr. Chien-Shiung Wu - born in China, came to America. Most notably her works are from 1940s to 1950's give or take. Nuclear physicist who studied beta-decay. Worked on the manhattan project and basically a pioneer in separating uranium isotopes and nuclear detection.
Now if you're talking about ONLY from China specifically there are a lot less obviously but you have to take into consideration the Cultural Revolution that plagued China from 1966 to 1976 which effects lasted to at least the 1980's (1 or 2 generations). Basically all engineers, scientists, mathematicians etc. were shunned and killed that didn't tow the party line.

*Tu Youyou - antimarlarial drug found in traditional c hinese medicine in 1972.

*Hon Lik - chinese pharmacist in 2003 invented the first generation electronic cigarette.

*Duanqing Pei - 2012 turning urin samples into brain cells. Instead of using retroviruses to re-program ordinary cells they used vectors which is a breakthrough. Published in Nature Methods journal and hailed by global scientific communities.

*Li Guokun - collaboration with Chinese Academy of Sciences developed a new type of wind power generator using magnetic levitation in 2006.

*Daya Bay Experiment - reported the measurement of a new parameter in particle physics. Named one of the runner-up breakthrough of the year in 2012 by Science Magazine.

*Huang Hongjia - developed coupling wave theory in the field of microwave theory which led to Single-mode optical fiber in 1980.

There are actually a whole lot more for both Chinese inventors and inventors from China only but I think this list is enough to get a good gauge. This isn't to say that China doesn't steal IP but stop telling lies and half-truths to further your narrative.


The "Chinese haven't invented anything in modern times" is just not true. This has been corrected in various scientific forums and websites yet people still use this as if it's accurate. It is not. Please educate yourself further in this regard so you aren't perpetuating only your narrative.
they are not a great modern society. they are emerging. it's not a crime to be under developed you know? why so much hate and emotion behind it?

Everybody started somewhere. Europe 'stole' from the East (to get out of the dark ages). America 'stole' from Europe (to start its industrial revolution).

btw, to anwser your question...presumably u mean post war...because if there is no time limit, then there is a lot that we take for granted today are Chinese in origin.

Post war: I think, some Rice breeding thingy that improved productivity a lot and benefited mankind, especially those who rely on Rice (so mostly developing countries). someone called "father of hybrid rice". not sexy and I never heard of it until by chance recently. but important enough for mankind, i think, even if not to me personally.

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