Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Different yardstick for different countries on health care

As Einstein said, everything is relative. Hong Kong's is great compared to China's and bad compared to the US's.

The exception is Hong Kongers (I believe including tourists too) pay about $15 ($100 Hong Kong dollars) for one hospital stay in public hospitals. The rich folks stay in single rooms in private hospitals and with supposedly better medical delivery. It is fair to me: Basic health care delivery for all and better health care delivery for the rich. An incentive to work hard to be rich.

China's motto: If you do not pay, you die (please die outside our hospital's lobby).

US's motto: As long as you come to emergency room, we treat you even if you're illegal alien

Canada's motto: We will treat you but you have to wait for a month; we will save money if you die before then.

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