Thursday, May 5, 2016

Complete the Art of Investing


The book “Complete the Art of Investing” is the best and the most cost effective way to improve your investing skills for both beginners and experienced investors.

The Kindle version has over 800 pages (6*9) covering most topics in investing. It is about the size of 3 books for $9.99. It combines my personal experiences for decades and over 100 books I read. I include those strategies that work in today’s market and my bitter lessons on losses.

The printed version has over 500 pages and you should be eligible for the Kindle version free of charge (check Amazon’s current policy). It is priced at $24.95. It is technical challenging and not economically to bind 800 pages of quality paper. However, the first few books are in the entirety and the important chapters are included in the rest of the books.  Eliminate shipping cost by ordering more items with this heavy book.

I have just gone thru the proof reading and I will not have many changes. Actually in the future I may take out some articles on Sector Rotation, my other best seller. There will be no sales promotion in this book as it is already a huge bargain.

If you’re still not convinced, try out my Seeking Alpha articles and some of my articles in my blog listed below.
·         Recommended to sell Apple at $132 in Feb., 2015. I recommended buy it at $57 in my book Scoring Stocks in May, 2013.

·         Recommended to sell Buffett’s funds in August, 2014 (actually at least one year earlier).

·         Recommended OIL at around $30 in Jan., 2016.

·         Recommended actions on a side way market in 2015 and predicted politics for 2016.

·         Challenge the best performance for all Seeking Alpha articles after one year of the publish date for recommending more than 5 stocks. So far no challenge.

Tony Pow, the author.


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