Monday, May 9, 2016

OIL & product quality

* Investing is a guessing game: sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. I recommended to buy OIL in Jan. at less than $30 and now it is $45. Just luck with some unexpected events. But, I look for long term (i.e. 2 years away). I wonder how many followed my advice. If you do, send my part of the loots to my secret retirement fund. LOL.

* Germany's goods are of high quality and last forever. It helps the environment. The exception is cars. It is too complex and hard and expensive to maintain.

* I do not have too much luck with Honda. A $5 part (ignition solenoid) can fix the defect without giving me all the trouble and the reputation of the company. They have to fix it any way and I do not know why they give me all kinds of excuses. At last I had to yell at the service manager: It is YOUR problem, not mine. They told me it was a COMMON problem. Give me back my money even they have fixed it!!!!! A waste of my time!!!!

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