Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Today's financial news

* OIL and the economy will be in the opposite direction when oil is $85 from my guess. When it is at today's low price, oil-producing countries have to dump their stock holdings to rescue their economies and pay for their unfinished projects. When it reaches $85 or so, they do not have to and the corporations in most sectors would be hit harder by the energy cost.

The economy and the market has been non-correlated for a while due to the excessive printing of money. It will correlate as history tells us so.

* I suggest both Ackman and Buffett keep their beautiful faces out of the public. Their 2015 performances do not qualify them as pioneer investors. Show me the money please.

* Will take a serious look at Apple when it falls further down. Trade by fundamentals, not your emotions and not following the herd that has been proven wrong.

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