Monday, May 9, 2016

Immigrants: An asset or a liability?

There are many rebates. I add mine here.

The major problem is how the Christians can peacefully co-exist with Muslims. From history to today, it is not that good. Many EU countries found out the hard way. How many terrorist attacks are caused by these migrants?

It seems to be a perfect match with younger migrants and the aging population in developed countries. They have to measure the risks and benefits. Japan has not imported a lot of migrants and they're doing fine with the factories in foreign soils. Many robots would drive less dependency on cheap labor in 5 years if not already. Will cheap labor in the future be an asset or a liability?There are many migrants looking for welfare office on the first day of arrival. I believe it used to be 3 years before they can apply. Hope some would shed some light on this.

On a separate post:

* We have to divide them into legal and illegal. The legal would just collect welfare as it is far easy. I only blame our generous welfare system as laziness is a human nature. Would you take a job that means you would have to lose the free health care (in Mass.)?

* The illegals do not have this option but they can go to the emergency room free of charge.

* The legals can bring their families here and the elderly can collect a good supplementary social security (even if they have not worked here for a day), housing subsidy, food stamp, free medical care...I'm sure most are not criminals and rapists as Trump assumed but economical refugees.

Our welfare system has been burdened. Last year I paid far more taxes than during my work life. The rich just exit the land of opportunities.Most writers on this topic live in the cave for the last 10 years. I know many of them personally. The parasites will die when the host dies.

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