Saturday, May 14, 2016

Summary on strategies

It is a lengthy book with a lot of information on strategies. I have used some of them based on the current market conditions and my requirements. I include some that I believe they have values to some. Forget everything you’ve learned here and elsewhere on strategies and use your common sense to see whether the following make sense to you.

·         Evaluate your requirement and select the strategy or strategies. Paper test them thoroughly.

·         Need to check recent performances of your screens. There are no evergreen strategies I know of. This is why most gurus fail in 2015 (and so far in the first part of 2016) as the market changes.

·         Stick with my three-step process: Market Timing, Screen Stocks and Evaluate Stocks.

When the market is risky, do not buy stocks. “Strategy” is the first part of Screen Stocks and the second part is when and why to sell stocks.

Some strategies perform better for holding stocks short term (3 months or less), while some especially those based on value perform better on holding stocks long term (12 months or longer).

Some strategies perform better in specific stage of a market cycle. 

This is one page of the 810 pages of my book "Complete the Art of Investing". If it helps you, envision how 810 pages will help you.

For more of my reasoning, check out the book described next. It has 810 pages (6*9) for $9.99. It could be the best $10 you ever spend.

The above is an abstract from my book "Complete the Art of Investing" which is available from Amazon.

I challenged to have the best-performed article in Seeking Alpha history, an investing site, for recommending 5 or more stocks in one year after the publish date. The concepts for that article are discussed in this book.

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