Friday, May 6, 2016

On today's financial news

* 5% unemployment is full employment except the median salary still below 2007's. I expect the interest hike will be .5% for the entire year, so it is a drop in the bucket.

* How much we lose when we will switch a good size of the government due to a different party taking over. They will not impact the unemployment rate as they will find jobs from corporations they gave favor to. Otherwise, no employer will hire these lazy (most are) government employees working with tiny work hours. Corruption, American style.

* My hat as an investor is up when the oil price is up. My hat for humanity is down for Canada.

* Japan is playing the game of "a friend of the enemy" and "a friend of the friend of an enemy"... I got confused.

* Corporation is doing the same. The gang of n led by SAP is against Oracle. Oracle can ask the government to put tariff on SAP's products. That's why SAP acquired Sybase.

* VRX lost the bet leaving the investors almost broke included the hedge fund manager scratching his beautiful head.* Does the taxi industry include UBER (typo?)?

* DISH and the two smaller mobiles do not have a chance. They're too small to compete with the big boys.

* SPACE brings a lot of joy and jobs to the US. We depended on the shuttle project too much. We did not have an exit strategy or did not diversify. They cannot as they need to paint a rosy picture on the project - have been repeated almost for all new projects. Actually today the cheapest and most reliable vehicle is Chinese rockets. Chinese learned (or stole) our technology.

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