Thursday, May 19, 2016

Why you want to read Complete The Art of Investing

This book should make you a better investor for advance beginners and fund managers alike. This book does not make you wealthy overnight. However, I have proven step-by-step techniques to time the market, find and evaluate stocks for profits from my experiences and other retail investors (not traders) like most of you.

We do not have the Holy Grail in investing but we have something close to it: Select the fundamental (technical too) metrics and the screens that have performed well lately. To illustrate, if the screen or a fundamental metric such as Price/Cash Flow works in the last few months, there is a better chance it will work this month than not.

For a successful example, I recommended buying Apple at $57 in June, 2013 and selling it at $132 in Feb., 2015. I recommended staying away from Buffett’s funds in August, 2014 (actually earlier).

My article at Seeking Alpha could have the best performance from the publish date to one year later for recommending more than 10 stocks. So far, there is no challenge. All the concepts behind this article are presented in this book. They are all documented in my blog.

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