Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Staples, politicians...

* If they asked me (nicely with some free staples), I would tell you that the Staples merger will not be materialized . It is a monopoly in the making. I unloaded my Staples stock when their biggest investment in China failed and many of my daughter's co-workers got laid off (insider info?).

One reason they failed in China is not accepting local custom. You cannot sell chairs fitted for the 300 lb American in China.

* At one time we're afraid of a strong USD, and now it is the other way.

* A politician cannot say what's right to the wrong audience. In this case, the audience is the coal miners and their daughters.

* I bought OIL in Jan. when oil barrel was $30 and now it is about $45. However, my stock OIL is up only by 5% (should be 50%). Any reason?

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