Thursday, May 26, 2016

Common-sense politics

I do not like the presidential candidates from both parties. We have to choose the lesser of two devils. I am political neutral and seldom read articles on politics. You may find the following refreshing. Most are my original ideas but they are just common sense.

·        The major problem of our political system is buying votes. The politicians have to satisfy the voters. When 40% of the citizens do not pay Federal income taxes, their requirements will be satisfied first.

·        Most politicians do not tell you how to finance all the freebies such as free tuition. We need to force the government to balance the budget.

·        We have to ensure the campaign promises are fulfilled. We still have the two Middle East wars, not as promised.

·        Making illegals legal can buy many Hispanic votes. The best idea from the politicians is work visas. When they are legal, it is easy collecting welfare than working on jobs no one want. They will also burden our entitlement systems by bringing their family members in.

·        It is far more effective to punish the employers for hiring illegals than building a wall; you can make a small hole of the wall or build a small tunnel to let the illegals in.

·        The welfare system discourages folks to work. Why you want to give up free medical delivery (in many states) by taking a job?

·        Gun control has not been discussed much. I know it is impractical to enforce it. However, we should not let the guns sold to the mentally retarded, criminals…, especially the semi-automatic weapons. Hope someday we can send our children to school or see a movie without worrying about being shot at. Written on 5/2016.

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