Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Too many free loaders

We should cut all but slowly and gradually. We're a nation of free loaders with over 40% not paying Federal tax. They are voters too. Specifically we should:

1. No illegals to legals. When they become legals, they will collect welfare legally and bring their families in for the same reason.

2. Train and encourage the able welfare recipients to work. Cutting their benefits in taking a job will not encourage them to work. Clinton's Initiative has more holes than my Swiss cheese.

3. Cut down our generous welfare. That's why we have three generations of teen age mothers. Laziness is a human nature.

4. End the endless wars. If they do not want to fight for their own freedom, why should we (suckers in their eyes)?

5. We cannot borrow forever and pass our debts to next generations. USD will not be a reserve currency in 10 years. Printing money excessively is a short-term solution but a problem long-term.

6. Invest not consume. With our infrastructure going downhill, huge debt to service, regulations to 'protect' our workers..., we're no longer competitive in many areas.

7. Cut down foreign aids. A big brother is only in the mind of our leaders.

8. We need a small and efficient government. Guard changing when another party takes over is expensive.

I just started the list without too much thinking, but it would be an endless list. I have one page about the causes (not solutions as listed here) in my new book Profit from 2016 Market Crash.

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