Monday, June 15, 2015

Simple and complex carbohydrates

Avoid simple carbohydrates such as sugar, syrup... and complex carbohydrates are good such as fruits. Honey is simple but has a lot of nutrients, so do not avoid it totally. Soda and cookies are among the worst.

Dr. Campbell's China Study (using the old Chinese population as a sample) suggests vegetarian and whole-grain diet.

From time to time, folks show me the smokers, meat lovers...survive a good healthy life. Remember they're exceptions and statistically (including my own experiences on my friends) they do not.

A simple blood test will tell you most of the signs of problems before they damage your body. Eat fruits and veggies to boost up your immune system (also against cancer).

It is harder for a wealthy guy to have a healthy life. In Mass., health care is free if you're qualified. Some hold on their house to disqualify themselves. Many do not buy the drug option in Medicare. A health tip could be more important than a good stock tip. Hope I do not waste my time here (at least not for myself to review the carbohydrate problem).

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