Monday, June 15, 2015

Another rants

* The bond yields will be increased by most countries next year. Time to buy contra ETFs to long-term bonds if there are ones for the country. Will not know when it will be profitable but patience will pay off.

* Euro seems to be a great idea (esp. for tourists). Now it turns an asset into a liability. Germany carries too much weigh on its shoulder.

* Avoid buying and shorting on all these bubble stocks: Tesla, Netflix. Amazon... unless you have a good reason that I do not know. I prefer organic growth and buy profitable companies at right prices. Just me.

* For an ETF to fluctuate 2% in one day, it is very rare. China has its experiences many times.

* Having all these problems such as credit card leak, closing operations in Canada, the stock of Target is still rising. Have a small bet and will sell it soon (qualified for long-term gain treatment & the market is getting risky). With the cheap money or ample cash, are buyback and dividend good for the company? To me, they should invest in the company. Today, it is not as the management wants to boost up the value of stock options.

* Bio tech / drug companies have too many outrageous acquisitions so far this year. Many do not make business sense to me. Gild has been in the side line this year and has been criticized. Small drug companies should be acquired as they do not have the resources to market the product(s) and/or develop them further. When you go to the supermarket, you shop for the best prices, not because others are buying the same banana.

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