Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Random rants on May 27

* QE2 (the queen) talking about QE2 (money easing)? Both sights are not beautiful.

* No company is too big to fall. If the US bailed out Lehman Brothers, we're still paying fines to foreign countries with our taxes.

* The biggest money makers (I have 1 or zero) is to buy companies with unique technologies that the big ones such as Microsoft and Google are looking for.

* As a trader/investor, I have experiences (good and bad) of the stocks mentioned.

- PBR. Lost some and won some but in the winning side now. Just bought some yesterday at $9 sth and the last time I unloaded was at $10.49. Risky stock.

- ALU, Ericsson and Huawai are the only 3 companies that can build the LTE 4GL, not Cisco. Bought ALU at $1 and sold shortly at $1.40. Bought Ericcson. Made a small profit for holding a long while.

* Ted Turner may want to forget the worst 3 letters in his life: AOL.

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