Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Executive rest room

I worked for the Federal Reserve bank on the 'high tech' project writing device driver for money stackers. If I stayed, we may not have today's financial mess - similar to why Celtics lost. However, the job was boring (today could be better with internet surfing) to me so there was still no free lunch (except the fancy lunches at ridiculously low prices). I was two years out of college and I was an officer there. It means they gave me a key for the executive dining room, executive elevator, executive rest room...

In addition, lunches are served by waitress (almost one per table) on expensive silver ware at fast food prices; the best is I only have to pay it once a month and it is treated as deductible business expense.

Yes, they do have exercise room with shower facility; also they have pool tables so you will never be bored. That's why our taxes are so high.

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