Wednesday, June 3, 2015

College or a trade school

Yes, trade schools are better than colleges when you consider the rate of return. However, you miss one or two important considerations.

1. It is the place to look for a spouse. A greasy lady (except in lady wrestling) does not sound too appealing to me and a lady chef could damage the family life.

2. Most if not all colleges do not teach their students how to manage finances. That's why most college kids max out their credits, not to mention the college loans (a conflict of interest?).

My book "How to be a billionaire" touches the saving part and not marrying a consumer-oriented spouse briefly (similar to our consumer-oriented government), but on how to invest by using simple market timing (average loss of a plunge is 45%) and how to buy the right ETFs to start.

The "billionaire" is attention catching, but saving 10 millions (in today's money for a graduate today to 65 is very doable

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