Saturday, June 27, 2015

Seeds falling on good soil will prosper

I was deeply moved by the family members of the church victims forgiving the shooter. At SeekingAlpha, I wrote a brief post: "Forgive" is the most powerful word in every language and in every culture. I forgot it until I received a response today from Jim.


Without even knowing it, you made the greatest comment I have seen on Seeking Alpha--and it had nothing to do with investing. You mentioned somewhere that "Forgive" is the most powerful word in every language. Wow. 

I shared that with my children. Financial commentary is easily forgotten, but that will stay with me forever. Thank you for that. 


Jim, forgive me to publicize your email as I hope to spread the word to others.

I cannot take any credit as it is just common sense except for those who do not go to church. The credit should be given to the forgiving family members and to the preaching of the church. With the power of forgiveness, we should not have the wars in the Middle East, past, present and future.

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