Wednesday, June 3, 2015

50 shades of green

Folks buying 'green' cars are not for the green but boosting their ego and social standing. A visit to our oldest profession could boost your ego better at the least cost. Actually in some places in Canada, it would harm the environment more due to using electricity generated by coal.

However, without these ego seekers, we would not have a better green car in the future that could be really green. A new battery in the lab of MIT and other places could revolutionize the green car industry. Could be in 10 years time.

If I plan my trip from Boston to Wash. DC, check how many work I have to make sure to charge the battery and how much I can save with today's low fuel cost. I need to relax during vacation not to worry where and when to get charged. I bet the saving is not worth the effort esp. in taking vacations or for some one who drives an average of 5,000 miles. I rest my case

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