Monday, June 15, 2015

Shameless rants

* Is China's stock market a bubble? From FXI, P/E is 12 and dividend rate about 2%. It is not a bubble if we trust their corporate figures. China needs an organization like SEC.

* China's inflation is moderate due to lower energy prices, commodity prices...

* Frontier Airline asked my consulting service to cut down expenses. Put a meter similar to parking meter on the door of all restrooms. It encourages folks to unload before boarding. A double win situation and that is why they call themselves Frontier

If the plane is large enough, cut the size of all rest rooms except one for fatsos. It would discourage them to fly but it is good for fuel saving and food consumption. Just do it in low key to avoid all the unreasonable discrimination attacks. It is just a bad dream for me (fatsos too).

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