Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Purely Chinese

I'm purely Chinese (100% with no impurities). That's why I'm so nice and tolerant. God bakes us at the right time and setting, not too white and not too dark. We're really the chosen ones. Thanks God.

If there is afterlife, I believe the ghost from your Western eyes and my Chinese eyes should be the same. The Chinese ghosts stick out their tongues and jump from one place to another (for proof watch Chinese Ghost Story from Netflix) and no Chinese (except the fully assimilated and the locally born) claim they see the light in the other side of the tunnel in near death situation.

I still wonder why God does nothing to Chinese or speak Chinese so they will pass the stories to China. It could be God does not speak Chinese or there is no Chinese interpreter available. Well, we also have to assume our ancestors of the 'first' generation can communicate in a language (any language) that would throw away many scientific theories and many digging discoveries.

Have a good laugh and do not forget to donate to the victims in Nepal even they do not have the same religious belief as yours.

Like the constitution, it may not reflect today's society. For example, the rich man has a tough time to go to heaven.

We cannot assume all rich folks get their wealth unethically. Which one of the following go to heaven?

1. The rich guy pays all his taxes, but does not donate a lot to charities. He got his wealth by working hard and studying hard.

2. The welfare recipient is lazy and spends his time in tuning his motor cycle all day long. He does go to church. He did not finish his high school and had a baby when he was 14.


Today I found I was the chosen one 100% sure. I received a mail from the daughter of Gadaffi (typo). She asked me to be the trustee of her account and share her millions. She said she will send me pictures to show her beautiful face and body I bet. Does this scam still work or am I on the top of her sucker's list?


I am not against any religion but I would like folks to respect others' religions. I hate the endless religions wars in the Middle East and love all the good deeds the church has done through out history.

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