Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Market Crash in 2016

There are many predictions of market crash. However, so far my chart described in my book Profit from 2016 Market Crash still tells us to fully invested even there were fake indicators telling us to exit but reenter very shortly.

There is a best seller telling us to exit in 2013 or even earlier in its initial version. If you follow their advice, you would miss the profits from 2009 to now. They have good reasons but they're not market timers just folks making a fast buck.

From my recent memory, we do not have a market crash in pre-election year including 2007. The average loss of the last two crashes is about 45%. Before 2000, market timing is a waste of time, but time changes.

The reason of the prosperous market is due to the excessive printing of money and it will not last forever. When it is stopped, it will fall like a deck of card. We're living dangerously on borrowed time.

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