Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Random rants April 24

* Why we have those trade deals? Just no tariff to all countries if they do the same to us. Simple and effective.

* HSBC moved from HK to London due to the takeover. Their major profits are due to its proximity to China. I suggest: Has the official headquarter in Caveman Island (just a mail box) and the working headquarter in HK; and a beautiful secretary in London.

* Microsoft: short-term still good but long-term too cloudy. All the companies involved in clouds have to find a way to make money and a way to secure the cloud. When Google has a similar package as Office, then bye bye Office. When Google or Apple has a better OS and/or give it away at low cost to manufacturers, bye bye Windows.

* When money is being pulled out from the US, why our stock market is still up. The threat is not the pull out but the money supply (same as interest rate). When the interest rate is raised (most likely next year), our record-high margin debt will lead the way to fall like a deck of cards.

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