Monday, June 15, 2015

Randm rants as usual

The rants comment the daily business news in

* Traders make money on a volatile market. They must be happy with Greece for the last few weeks. In this risky market, I stop my momentum trading until further 'notice' and is selling some risky investments.

* Saudi's market has only one word: OIL. It could be bottom out soon if not now. But, who really knows? In the desert, nothing grows. Do you want to visit Dubai when everything is so expensive. If I want to see a concrete jungle, I visit NYC. The exciting thought of being rubbed is the free bonus.

* Hong Kong and China stocks may still have a life when the ETFs include their stocks. When a stock is listed in both exchange, I do not know what the ETFs will do. Stocks listed in mainland China have larger volumes but the same stock listed in HK is cheaper for no reason. Who said the 'market is efficient'.

* IBM is building its next mouse trap. Will it be successful? Only time can tell. Windows NT was a co-development with the cunning Microsoft. In this case, those nice, gentle gentlemen dressed in white shirts and 3-piece suits lost BIG time including their shirts. Business is tough and leave your ideals, proper raising and behavior on Sundays.

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