Monday, June 15, 2015

Another daily rants

* Net neutrality is fair. The primary aim is preventing partners to speed up downloading movies such as Microsoft + Comcast to have an edge over others such as Netflix.

* If you look at the impact to Hong Kong from SARS, MERS is not too far away. Stay away from travelling to Korea and do not kiss any Koreans for a while. Safety has higher priority than sex! When you're in the Middle East, stay a good distance from camels or train the camels how to cover their big mouths.

* As posted a while ago, there is no need for any trade deal. If you do not have tariffs and restrictions with us, we do the same with you. Simple and effective. However, the world politics is not that simple and effective such as unfair competition (product dumping & subsidies). We're also cheated by our politicians giving the other country better deals. Any kickbacks?

For true free trade, many Indian corporations would be hurt or even bankrupt, and so are many US companies such as Cisco and most solar panel companies facing competition from China. The world is not that simple as it appears to be.

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