Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Random rants.

* I was tricked to go to restaurants with high recommendations from Yelp. Wish I never read their 'reviews'.

* FIT is one-trick pony and there is a horse around which may kick it out of existence. With today's market, most likely it will make a lot of money on the first day of IPO and then the management cashes in...

* If you believe Niki could bring so many jobs back, you must also believe in Santa Clause. Our min. wage, our regulations (to 'protect' the worker), high taxes...are the reality the politicians want to cover your eyes. Even China has to outsource jobs to Vietnam as they have lower wages.

* Today's blooming market is obviously caused by supply and demand. The demand is due to excessive printing of money that leads to our record-high margin debt. The limited supply is due to share buybacks - again with cheap money.

It will not last forever and excessive borrowing from the government would lead to Japan's lost decades (do not tell me the situations are different). We need to service our huge debts (as a percent of our GDP) that would make us non-competitive. We should not pass our problems to next children in order to look good today.


I never have taken any business classes unless required for my engineering degrees and I can understand it via common sense. I wonder why our highly-educated (at least by the Ph.D. certificates), smartly-looked (look could be deceiving) decision makers (making many times my salary) do not understand and act on it.

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