Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Boring task

To be truly honest, I still have a good portion in equities, but I use my chart to tell whether the crash is coming (as in Rule #1). I believe not this year, but next year (again check Rule #1). Here is my amazing return in the first quarter.

If holding cash is boring to you, just throw a gold coin to the ocean every 15 minutes. You will attract a crowd if not a diver or a police man to take you to the nearest mental hospital. In any case, you will make it to the 6 o'clock new.


The five rules from another commenter:

Rule #1: if anything can go wrong, it will

Rule #2: price falls 3 times as fast as it rises

Rule #3: you have to gain 100% to rectify a 50% loss

Rule #4: you never catch on until after the test

Rule #5: the easier the rules of the game the fewer will want to play

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