Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A great comment by Ripton Johnson

I am a 41 year Patriots fan. Looking back, there are a lot of things Belichick has done that has changed the Patriots and the NFL. I remember the first SB under Belichick in 2002. He was the first Coach to have his entire team come out unto the field as a team in the SB. Before that they would come out one player at a time. Example: They would announce, The #1 Draft choice in year so and so QB, So and so. The two time Offensive MVP so and so all coming out individually. Go back and check any tape of the SB prior to 2002 and you will see the difference.

Under the Patriots and Belichack, there are no Prima Donnas. WR's especially tends to be Prima Donnas. It does not happen with the Patriots since Belichick. You buy into the Patriots way or you leave. I think one of the things Belichick looks for is versatility in any player. I think when you interview with Bill, he askes. What position do you play? Response = QB. Can you do anything else? No. Sorry we can't use you. First example was Troy Brown. He played Offense, Defense and Special Teams. Edeleman today is the same. That is one of the reasons they are able to move players around when there is an injury and never seem to skip a beat. You will notice all their players blocking including Brady on accosions. In the last game of the 2016 season against Miami, Michael Floyd in his first game had an excellent block to spring Edelman for a TD.

The Patriots do not over pay their players. You have to earn your keep. Belichick also has a skill of detecting talents. So many of other teams garbage becomes Patriots Gold. Example: Chris Hogan this past Sunday in the AFC Championship game. The overwhelming majority of Patriots players are not known to the rest of the NFL fans. No one (Except Patriots fans) knew of Malcolm Butler before his INT in Super Bowl XLIX. He was undrafted for a base salary and now is one of the top five corners in the NFL. Belichick also knows when you have overstayed your welcome or no longer fits the program. This year after he traded Jamie Collins, everyone thought the Patriots would crumple. They are playing for their 7th SB title without him. Wilfork a mainstay for years, Richard seymour, Lawyer Malloy just to name a few. They still continued to win. Belichick runs a tight ship and does not put up with BS. Jonas Gray ran for 201 yards and four TD's against the Colts in 2014. He missed practice the following Saturday and was cut from the team, Reggie Wayne got cut that day too. They still won SB XLIX without Gray.

In Belichick we Trust. Go Patriots. You have no honor if you are not a Patriot..

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