Friday, January 6, 2017

On today's financial news

* The global economies are connected better than 20 years ago. When Trump imposes the 45% (even 25%) tariff, the world including the US will be in BIG trouble.

We've accused Chinese a lot. Most are not true. Steel dumping is true, but not military buildup (we should be accused of that) for example.Australia benefits with commodity prices (most export to China). India has the consistent problem. They cannot even copy a successful model from China by making a special zone with infrastructure.

* Dunk'in Donuts opened one in Seattle, the headquarter of Starbuck and failed. No one including Apple takes a business case seriously. If they read my $10 book, they would save millions minus $10. LOL.

* AMAG is among the 31 stocks recommended in my Best Stocks for 2017. Pure luck.

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