Monday, January 16, 2017

Risk of war with China.

I read several articles why we want a war with China. Many arguments are not valid. I summarize here with my own arguments.

# China is a communist country

China is ruled by a party with handful of decision-makers. It is more capitalist than us: When you do not work, you die. Every political system has its strengths and weaknesses. When they do not harm us, we should leave them alone. Is the current Vietnam a threat to the world peace today?

Our major strength is our Constitution, which leads us to transfer the power without bloodshed. Our major weakness is a bi-political system but it is also a strength too. If our president and the majority of the Congress do not belong to the same party, we are wasting time in arguing who is on top. I prefer our system over China. I despise communism as it makes her citizens lazy – why you want to work harder when everyone is paid the same?

# No freedom in China

However, comparing to 30 years ago, freedom grows by leaps and bounds in China. At that time no one wanted to speak anything bad against the government. As long as China is heading to the right direction, it is fine with me.

There are many countries having even worse record on human rights than China, should we send soldiers to ‘liberate’ them? Freedom takes a back seat to food, shelter and clothes. “Live free without food” is a fool’s game.

# What is the intention of China’s rising military spending

Should we ask the same question ourselves to our own government? We do not know their actual spending, but our military budget is more than the next five countries combined. Our missiles can wipe out the entire world with a press of the button. Our weapons are the most advanced with jet fighters and jet carriers with dual nuclear generators.

# We need to liberate the suffering of Tibetans & other minorities

Should we ‘liberate’ the blacks and the Red Indians first? Check out Detroit or any Indian reservation. Except the suppression of Tibetan monks a long while ago, China gives more to Tibetans than she receives and they never have the ‘one-child policy’. In the days before the ‘liberation’, only monks can get an education. Every city I went in Western China, Chinese preserve their cultures.

According to a survey, Chinese netizens are more pro America than China. They’re not completely correct as most do not understand American politics. Most countries have their own problems. Let them fix their own problems.

# China is rising

Why we have to suppress others from passing us? Actually they have a long way to pass us. Should we risk wars with Europe when they’re rising? Does the dying patient care about whether a life-saving drug is from China? Do you prefer a rising China or a nation of 3.5 billion begging for money?

Our leaders want to be #1 and China has never claimed to be so. Our military generals and the CEOs of offense corporations want us to go to war with any country in order to protect their interests or to hide their inability to fix our problems.

# China is aggressor

Throughout history China has been more a victim than an aggressor especially in the last 300 years.

Taiwan’s Chiang at one time wanted to conquer China to recover the lost kingdom. In a way, he acknowledged Taiwan was part of China. If there is a war between China and Taiwan, it would be a civil war.

The islet disputes in China Sea should be settled diplomatically. Recently the president of Philippines toned it down after receiving billions of loans from China. 


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