Thursday, January 19, 2017


ALL (not a typo) government departments/agencies are not run efficiently.

If USPS were good, they would not lose their jobs to UPS. Many stupid defenses for them and I bet they are written by their officers.

It is the same as countries such as India and utilities. With protectionism, you lose your competitive edge.When they raise the postage again, you will not receive a X'mas card from me.

If USPS were run as a business, it will make money even with a 39 cent stamp. Specifically,

1. Reduce losses in unprofitable operations, such as requiring self pick up in remote areas.

2. Pay the employees what the market pays. What are UPS salaries for similar jobs?

3. Protect profitable operations - shipping parcels for Amazon for example. UPS eats their cakes.

I can come out what some basics without even thinking. The decision makers there must be sleeping too much. They think it is a protected agency and why they want to change anything which could affect their generous pensions paid by us!

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