Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Pretty lady

The pretty lady was raped when she jogged in the middle of the night in high crime area. Who are guilty? Both but one should go to jail. The lady is guilty for not protecting herself.

The reason for my example of "pretty lady" is that I was frustrated that Cisco let others steal their technology. At that time I had heavy bets on Cisco as stated in my SA article Amazing Returns.

I misled folks for my pro China attitude in the above example. I'm pro investing first, US second and China third... always except when China plays American football with the US.

BTW. The Chinese netizens are more pro US than China in a survey that was banned the next day. They're right in some ways but wrong in others as most do not really understand US politics. To summarize, all systems have the strengths and weaknesses to me. I prefer US system more. The US system's major strength is the Constitution and the major weakness is both parties are always arguing instead of JUST DO IT.

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