Monday, January 16, 2017

Patriots will win the AFC Championship

It is based on educated guesses that follow. It is just a prediction. As in investing, nothing is 100% sure.

1. Texans is a wake-up call. They know they cannot win any championship with that kind of performance.

2. Patriots has home-court advantage. Tom does not have to waste time to find the closest men room. At 39, Tom knows it could be his last chance to go to the Super Bowl.

3. The opposing team has about 2 days less to prepare. In addition, they already had a tough time with the Chiefs.

4. The opposing coach will give the a-holes more incentive to shut up his dirty mouth.

5. The opposing coach will use Texans' tricks to put pressure on Brady, but the same trick will not work two times in a row. I have to say Pats have a good system and two decades of successes.

6. The Pats have not used their secret weapons yet - keep them secret for now. Well, the Pats have to use two guards to contain Bell and it is an open secret.

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