Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Football & Investing

Nothing I have not heard or predicted from Trump's speech. But, this weekend, football will be great.
Similar to investing, the Patriots should beat the Texans on paper. But games are not played on paper. I guess Tom's greatness has 3 (more on the second read) convincing reasons.
1. He is the sixth-round pick for QB. In a Chinese saying, the last orange picked in a big barrel. He has something to prove. In our term, an underdog stock.
2. He has good teachers. He never wants to say bad things about his opposing team but studying them to avoid their strengths and take advantage of their weaknesses. Quite true in investing.
3. He has support. His rich wife allows him to ask for one penny salary so they can hire good supporting team to give him more time to throw and better catchers. He knows a champion ring worths a lot for his commercials. A rising market makes everyone a genius.
4. Some luck. Without the injury of his precedent, he could be still sitting on the cold bench feeling sorry for himself. It must be counted as the last reason for his success like most successful investors.
5. Be nice and generous. Excessive money is good to help others. Same for many rich folks here.
6. I forgot but I know I had a point for his next reason. Must be the old timer's disease. Will update it when it comes back. It comes back now: his hard work and it is same for investing.
This is my first draft and it seems a good way to end a easy day and look forward to the football weekend for a change of this unhappy world.

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