Sunday, January 1, 2017

Make America great again

If we do not know or care about to know our problems, how can we fix them? The politicians' job is to get votes, not to help the country in the long run.

The following are good comments among most Chinese bashing comments from an article on China's highest bridge built for $147 M.


For the past 3 decades, US has been squandering resources sending warships around the world, starting wars, toppling governments, supporting terrorists, backing 'good' dictatorships, handing $$ to regimes to follow its policies, giving tons to welfare queen Israel, and having big debates such as if their pre-teens should be vaccinated for STDs or schools have transgender bathrooms.
While China has been busy investing in its education, manufacturing and infrastructure... and we're starting to see the results.

The reason it's so cheap is because there Isnt much room for politicians and people to embezzle money. Other than the US., which want to get rich off of every project around.

Note. To be fair, many Chinese projects are the sources for corruption. It has been reduced after President Xi suppressed corruption.


It will probably collapse in a few years, but the United States can't even afford to build a bridge that will collapse. We're broke from paying welfare, subsidized Obamacare, SSI and Medicare to people who never worked a day in their life, college tuition for illegals, Obamaphones, food stamps, WIC, TANF for the extended families of every 3rd-world immigrant that gets dumped on our shores................

Watching the comments and realized how little American know about China

So many viewers here have a negative attitude towards China. Is it because you are poor and they are rich? Remember, you can't make yourself rich by putting others down. Go do something productive by action not by your dirty mouth.

Note. Chinese or any developing countries should copy others' products - the most economical way to catch up.

"Who is number one" is only in the minds of politicians and even some racists. For example, if you are dying and the only cure is from a country you do not like, do you really care where it is from? 

I also find hopes by these good comments. We're still #1 in many areas. However, we're broke now and forget why this country was once the greatest. Just to name one: many of our medical cures have been used all over the world. Do they care where the cure comes from?

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