Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Macau casinos

When you make or lose money in these stocks, it's your own business. Just recheck the result in 2 years. I equate the same excitement when every one flocked into the rare earth miners. I do not feel the return is good after calculating the risk even the stocks are rising. Every one calculates differently. I respect yours and I never say I'm 100% right.

There are no whales (big gamblers) in the right mind in Macau. Why? The anti-corruption agency is watching there and taking pictures. I do not know whether they're really there, but I can see the results. Unless the whale is dying and losing her mind, she will not swim to Macau for prosecution. No small whales will come if the money is from corruption.

Many negatives to my comment but one positive one by Pat:

Too bad debt service must be repaid. Wynn has $10 billion in debt. The equity value just isn't there. Encore is very nice, but added nothing other than more debt. Wynn again has cannibalized himself in Macau with the Palace. Too much competition. This is one to avoid for the next year. Tony Pow is right.

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