Wednesday, January 11, 2017


For those who bad mouths my book without reading it: The following comments were written by Andrew McElroy, who writes articles on sector rotation. I did not know him and he paid full price for my book Sector Rotation.

"Great stuff, Tony. It's great to meet experienced traders such as yourself.
I had a browse through the book and think your method is a little more refined than mine.

On the next day, he said:
"Your strategy is very rules based and solid. I sometimes envy people who have developed something like this."

Obviously the biased judged my books by my last name and one even called me "Chinaman". I hope he is old. If so, I do not want to waste my breath to correct his bias and he has to bring it to his grave. Hope he will not pass his prejudice to the next generation.

I have seen many smart and successful folks ruined their careers by making racial remarks. They may get the prejudice from their parents. Watch out what we say during dinners with children around. Family education is most influencial, good or bad.

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