Saturday, January 14, 2017

Wealth gap

Our wealth gap is widened due to the rising stock market since 2008. The rich (Trump...) should help the poor via taxes and donations. I do not mean more taxes but the rich should not hide their incomes to avoid taxes. The government should spend money in profitable projects such as infrastructure and adequate welfare.

The government should:

1. Prosecute the welfare cheaters.

2. Help the addicts to get rid of their bad habits instead of legalizing drugs.

3. Reform the welfare system.

4. Retrain workers. A tough job with globalization and robots.

5. Encourage folks to work, not taking the subsidies out when they find a job.

6. Cut down government expenses via a small and efficient government.

7. Do not be the global policeman. Being #1 is not the primary concern for most citizens. We have more problems to fix at home - look at Detroit.

I'm an outsider. They are simple ideas but they may be very hard to implement.

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