Thursday, January 5, 2017

China on today's news

A lot of news on China again. CES is a showcase for a lot of Chinese companies and a lot of them are from Shenzhen. If you have a new high-tech product including drones, you may want to assemble there as you can find most components across the street.
China do things once a time. When Mao said "Kill all mosquitoes", it was hell for mosquitoes. Hence the billions on air pollution is not empty talk.
The auto stocks may be at its peak now if Trump enforces the 45% (25% more realistic) tariff. Boeing would say good-bye to the trillion sales from China and promote the "buy one get one free" fire sales.
I was surprised Huawei was in CES when their stuffs were banned by the US government on national security. Most likely they stole the router spec from Cisco. However, they have the 4G LTE and Cisco does not have. The stealer is better than the stealee!
A trade war would start and it could start a military war as predicted in my book Can China Say No?

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