Wednesday, January 25, 2017

On today's financial news

* Do we have to build a wall in the Canadian border too? When we build the Mexican part, do we hire Mexicans or illegals? Americans will be happier just receiving the generous welfare instead of working in the harsh conditions.

* Energy stocks still have a long way to go up I hope. The next catalyst is the economy which does not look good.

* Why EU countries suffer from pollution? I thought most of their manufacturing are moved to China. There will not be a EU when Italy and Spain exit.

* I need the screens on the airlines esp. traveling across continents. My mobile devices have too little memory to hold movies - my fault.

* How to fix the conflict of interest when these selected heads are holding a lot of their x-companies' stocks/options?

* To Buffett and dividend lovers: Stay away from KO. Sugar and their replacements kill. Unlimited fountain reduces your life by 10% from my estimate.

They should replace French fries with American baked potato or salad, and soda with coffee, OJ (not the criminal), spring water or milk. Best tips to their fast food CEOs but worst tips to hospital CEOs.

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