Thursday, January 5, 2017

A broken record

Responding to an article on China.


I would like to conclude from my perspective (either right or wrong to you).

* We have to give up the sectors we cannot possibly compete in such as manufacturing to low-wage countries. Do not blame China as some countries even have far, lower wages.

* Free trade works if every participant plays it fairly.

* The politicians' objective is to buy vote, not for the good of the country in the long term. When 50% of adults do not work and 40% do not pay Federal income tax, the politicians will side with them. Trump's 45% tariff will be a disaster to ALL countries.

* To make us competitive in other sectors, we need to invest in infrastructure, research... To finance them, we need not wasting in unproductive projects such as wars and the reckless foreign donations.

* Being number 1 is in the mind of our leaders, not the common citizens who want to have a good living standard and a good job. I hate to see our youths returned in body bags while they should enjoy the best of their lives. If we send the children of our leaders to the front line, we will not have any war.

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