Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Today's financial news

* South Korea was the other non-corrupted country besides Japan - Hong Kong is not counted.

* Is HSBC leading the multi national corporations to move their HQs from Britain?* As stated, all countries are currency manipulators.

* From my view, Obama is a great communicator and Regan is the other one I can think of. I like Michelle a lot. Obama saved the stock market at the expense of the national debt. Not great in handling global affairs. ObamaCare will fail due to shifting too much burden to the middle class. I'm glad that we have a black (actually half black) leader.

* Trump does not have a honeymoon period and he could be the only one.

* I stay away from casino stocks. They have too many debts and the China's policy of suppressing corruption changes the Macau's profit potential - hope someone had taken my advise at the time. China should look at the rich kids buying expensive cars with cash.

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