Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Today's financial news

* Is Britain setting up a precedent for other EU countries - leaving some co-operating and some not?

* Oil price moves short-term by traders and long-term by fundamentalists which I'm one.

* ObamaCare fails because it moves too much burden from low class to middle class.

* We used to play China card against Russia. Most likely China will play Russia card against us. The trade between them is mutually beneficial besides the proximity.

* The eye glass industry merges so they can monopolize the high-end market. Are the regulators blind?

* China AI is important due to the hardship to input Chinese characters - there is no Chinese alphabet. However, I see many can input very fast on their phones.

* Not surprising President Xi is in the forum. He may preach his "One Belt, One Road" project.http://bit.ly/2iwhW6o

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