Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The best Christmas gift

If you still have Christmas gifts to buy (including one for yourself), consider buying the paperbacks today. E-books can be loaded almost instantly. My books on investing could truly mean gifting continues gifting forever and could make the reader a lot of money. I prefer investing like a turtle making small profits surely and slowly instead of betting it all. So far including this year, all my book profits are donated to charities.

For yourself, I only recommend one book titled Complete The Art of Investing. Click this link for more info.

Pages (6*9)
600 plus web articles

It covers most topics in investing except day trading and risky strategies. If you are not convinced, click this link.

An average book on investing is about 250 pages. The Kindle version is the size of 3 books.  Many prefer hard copy more than e-books. Most likely, Kindle reader has been installed in your PC, iPad... If not, it is easy to install. There is a difference in cost due to the expensive paper. The royalties of these two books are about the same to me. Amazon’s has a “match-box” feature: If you buy the paperback version, you can get a free Kindle version of the same book. Why not order the Kindle version for yourself and give the paperback version to your friend. A very cost effective gift!

The following are my best sellers. They are also available from They should be less than $8 each and most have paperback version.

Profit from 2017 Market Crash
Sector Rotation 3rd Edition
Momentum Investing 2nd Edition

The following are books for beginner investors. The Kindle version should be less than $3 each and most have paperback version.

Investing for Beginners. 
The Art of Investing: Beginners
How to be a Billionaire
Can China Say No?  Jan. 4 for 5 days. 60% off.

Why I give the first book away? It is for my friends. In addition, I expect the reader will find this book very useful and s/he will buy the full version: Complete the Art of Investing.

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