Thursday, November 10, 2016

Missed issues

During the election, these important issues have not been discussed in detail:
1. End the wars. It drains all our resources. We have enough problems to be fixed in home. Being #1 is too big a price. We do not have an economy robust enough to support these wars.

2. Balance the budget. With #1, it is far easier. Obama has almost doubled our debts but rescued the market.

3. Jobs. With globalization, some jobs will be lost as a $20 wage can never compete with a $2 wage. It's not China as many low-wage countries will replace China's advantage. We still need the illegals to take jobs even the able welfare recipients do not want.

4. Gun control in a practical way. When can we send our children to school without being shot at?

5. Harmony between the black and the police. Despite some bad apples, I have to thank the police to maintain peace at the risk of their life. #4 would help. Will it be materialized in our life time?

6. Reform election. To start, reduce campaign funding by special interest groups.

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