Wednesday, November 2, 2016

On today's financial news

* Vote for the lesser of two devils. The two minor candidates have about 5% votes. If they swing to one candidate in this tight race, it would make a big difference. To illustrate, if minor candidate A has similar views as the major candidate C, you should vote for C otherwise you vote for the opposite of your view. In a sentence, do not vote for the minor candidates.

* Two or three years later, you will approve my views on the bad decision of BREXIT. Currently they're doing good with the depreciation of the currency in export and tourism.

* With the self destructing Samsung, Apple stock is not doing well. Lessons: the boat flows with the tide and it may become a value stock again. My article in advising to sell Apple at $132 or sth. still looks great.

* China's approval of a drug could be a good deal esp. for small companies. It means China cannot produce that drug and the huge market could be very profitable if marketing is right.

* From Volvo, China has the last two technology in automobiles: engine and transmission.

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