Saturday, November 26, 2016

Being attacked

It is not the first time and it will not be my last time of being attacked for promoting my books via comments. They do not realize my contributions. Here is my standard reply.

I do not profit from my books as ALL profits are donated to charities including 2016. My purpose is to share investing ideas.

I do not say all my ideas are correct but I can live financially sound for the rest of my life (keeping my fingers crossed). Are the following after the fact here and in my blog?
1. Advised to buy crude in mid Jan., 2016.
2. Advised to dump Apple at 132 or sth. (I believe last year).
3. Advised to buy Apple at about $55 in my book that used Apple as its only example.
4. Advised not to buy rare earth miners several years ago here. Same for Buffett's funds.
5. Advised to buy AMAG recently.
6. If you buy all the stocks in my article Amazing Return after the SA publish date, you would make more than 50% in a year. Actually I challenged the performance of all SA articles past or present of 10 or more stocks in the same article. So far, no challenge.
7. Made 80% in my largest taxable account in 2009. I described why and how in my book.

The above can be verifiable. There are some bad predictions for sure, but they are based on educated guesses. Now momentum investing is doing very good and a week of return is worth more than a year of profit in selling books. So what is my priority?

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