Thursday, November 10, 2016

Second day after the election

* Give peace a chance just like they sing. The essence of the US is the Constitution that leads to a peaceful transfer of power.
Hope Trump will lead the country to the promised land. Do not send Hillary to the big house, do not sue the ladies, do not build the Great Wall (a small tunnel of 10 feet would defeat it; just punish the employers who hire the illegals), do not send the illegals back (we need them to work on the jobs even the welfare recipients do not want), be a good president (building a good cabinet to start), fix ObamaCare but not to abandon it...
* The market recovers fast. CVX (the prison management company) is over 45% up yesterday when I noticed it. I had this stock a long while ago and sold it after it tripled in value from my memory. It is another good example in my article of Politics and Investing.
* Hope to minimize world conflict when Trump and Putin sleep in the same bed. China too.
* With the control of the Congress, we do not have to waste time in arguing who is on top.

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