Monday, November 7, 2016

On news before the election day

* Do not vote for the two minor candidates esp. in a close race. Most likely Clinton will go to the white house instead of the big house and it would make a dent in the prediction of "lesser chance we have presidents from the same political party of over 2 terms".
2017 will be a risky year for the market as the interest will most likely be hiked.
* China has a lot of news today. HSBC may move to mainland Europe. It moved from Hong Kong to United Kingdom before. I do not like most banks in China. If I buy an ETF on China, it may not exclude the bank sector.
* Most if not all democratic countries in Asia are corrupt, past and present except Japan and S. Korea. Now S.Korea is joining the group. My formula (Man includes Woman):
Man with Money + Man with Power = Corruption

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