Monday, November 28, 2016

Today's news on Cuba, new phone...

* Does the communist Vietnam threaten us? No. So is Cuba. Cuba has no resources except cigar and prostitutes.
Is China today communist? China is more capitalist than us; if you do not work, you die. Castro was a dictator (nothing wrong if he were a good one) but he did prosecute many for not agreeing with him. What I learn is the power of embargo from the US and its allies. It reminds me the ally of 8 nations against China due to not opening the ports for trade. If you do not trade, we send soldiers. If we have nothing to trade, we push opium. Which one is more barbarous - you decide.
* The curve screen of the new mobile phone may give us a headache. It is good to prevent folks from looking at it all day long.
* In desert, jet fighters are king. That's why Israel still survives surrounded by enemies as predicted in the Bible.

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